Sunday, March 6, 2011

Road trip to Fabulousness 4 day Update

It's been four days since the start of the Road Trip to Fabulousness! I have been working out and have had a ton of energy! Day four with no jitters from OxyELITE Pro! No crashing feeling either! The best part!!!!!! 10 pounds in 4 days!!!!! I already have clothes fitting differently. I couldn't be happier. I am anxious to see what Thursday brings! I started the two pills in the morning and one in the afternoon and still no jittery nervous feeling. I felt alert, awake, and full of energy! My calorie intake is between 800 to 1000. Usually closer to 800 but I am thinking I am stressing the body with the workouts so I added an extra snack to be on the safe side. I added a Yogurt snack to mid day.
The headaches from my Coke adiction are finally over and I am pleased to announce that I still have a coke in the fridge untouched! Go ME! It's looking to be easier then I thought to get to the Sexier more Fabulous Jen!!!!! I couldn't be happier! 


THUNDERCAT832 said...

I saw those pills at GNC! I'm waiting to see how you do for another week or so then I'm going to buy them! You might wanna find the website creators and maybe they'll sponsor you for talking and endorsing their products!

Jen Sparkles said...

I am super happy so far! I may have to check into that. I will see how week 2 goes first. =)