Sunday, March 6, 2011

21 Questions

Daisy has decided to play nice this week. She just wants to get to know you. Do you dare play the cleanest 21 questions ever? Its easy copy the questions, grab my button and link on up!

1. How old are you?

33 for 15 more days

2. What's your favorite color?


3. First car you ever had sex in?

I believe that was a 1980-something Ford F-150 

4. Favorite rated R movie?

SuperTroopers... is that R? Damn

5. Favorite flavor of popsicle?


6. Banana or apple?


7. Favorite Jersey shore character?


8. Are your nails painted and if so what color?

They are half orange half white

9. Favorite animal?


10. If you could bang a disney character who would it be?


11. What time is bed time?

anywhere between 10pm and 2 am

12. Do you have kids?

Of course! 2 handsome little men and 2 beautiful little girls

13. Last time you bought a toilet brush?

Today when I killed mine

14. Double penetration ( come on I had to get one in)

Been there done that. Not repeating that one

15. Bubble bath or long hot shower?

I like both

16. Can you speak a foreign language?

Yes.. I can, but I choose not to speak anything but English

17. Describe yourself in 2 words?

Crazy & Fabulous

18. How many tattoos do you have if any?

6 so far

19. How do you like your eggs?

I don't really care for eggs, but I like over medium if I have to eat them

20. How do you get rid of a hickey...

You don' Though I was told once that toothpaste fades them


 21. Favorite color to wear.

Pink and Black