Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving... not soon enough

So much has happened since I got to blog last time. I realize it's been forever in a day since I even had a personal post. My diet and exercise has taken over! Which is totally awesome! I have also been back and forth with my son. After failed attempts with this hospital and the quacks that they have had treating him we finally got a decent doctor! She sent us to a doctor an hour and a half away to get testing to see if we can get some answers and boy did we! After two admissions to psychiatric hospitals in year we finally have an answer. They never once tested him while he was in the hospital! Which we are working that issue! It took 2 hours and 3 tests to get a clear diagnosis and a new understanding. He was diagnosed with a few things and one in particular was heard to hear. My little man was diagnosed with Paranoid Skitzophrenia. On top of that he has ADHD, ODD ( obsessive defiance disorder), OCD, ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder),  PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) and an anxiety disorder. It's a lot of labels for a 7 year old to have. That worries me. Nothing worries me more then the Paranoid skitzophrenia! That is fucking with my head severely! He mention autistic traits as well. The diagnosis doctor said as he gets older the other labels will probably be dropped, but the one that will always be there is the Skitzophrenia. That is hard for a mother to hear.
His doctor is doing the finalizing of the steps to insure a move to a better facility for him and I couldn't be happier. We are heading to Fort Carson, Fort Hood, or Fort Campbel. Either one has a wonderful facility and staffed better then here. Not to mention they have the needs for the other children as well. So yea. I have been busy, ran into the ground, and crying a lot! I hope you are all doing well and at some point I can blog regularly again

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