Sunday, March 13, 2011

The OxyELITE update Week 1

I am a little late on the update. OK so 3 days late. Shoot me. LOL.
The first week has been nothing short of AWESOME! I am taking 2 pills in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I am supplementing 2 meals with Slim Fast Meal Bars, working out in the morning at the gym, playing Kinect You Shape Fitness in the evening, and drinking a lot of water. The results are CRAZY! As of today (which is 10 after the start) I am down 17 pounds and I am down one pants size. Things are fitting differently and I have so much energy!!! I don't get jitters or nervousness from taking these. I do feel chills and sometimes hot flashes. BUT this is a Thermogenic and it raises your body temp. It appears to work. Tuesday I am starting a 7 day cleanse process. I think I may need to clear out the rest of the sludge that is left from my old eating and drinking habits.
I have gone to the extreme this week so you may not see the results I have seen. As with all diets and supplements results do vary. My friend and her husband started it Friday and I will be comparing their progress with mine so you can see another person's results.
I am so excited it's working and I can't share this wonderful product with my readers. I do not recommend this if you are not used to caffeine and only want to lose like 10 pounds. I believe that would be a bad choice. 
I have taken before shots of my body so that at the end of each cycle I can post before and after. If this keeps up and I will down 5 sizes by summer. Possibly sooner. I am already in better shape so I am going to start running in the mornings ( which will replace the Kinect Fitness game) and hitting the gym at night for strength training. I will start that next week. I am keeping with the initial plan for the following week to see if I can continue with the same progress. I look forward to sharing another update filled with success!


THUNDERCAT832 said...

THAT'S IT! I'm getting those pills and some slim fast asap! Work it mama! Keep getting your sexy on!

Jen Sparkles said...

Girl, I am trying to. I took today off from working out so I can get things in order for this whole government budget thing. My muscles are actually protesting and I have all this

Simply Kendra said...

thats awesome!

Jen Sparkles said...

Thanks Kendra