Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things that make me go HMMMM

After commenting on a friends status on FaceBook I got to thinking about the things that can make me happy when I am in the worst of moods. I decided to compile a list of things that can make me happy. Some of them you may not understand but oh fucking well! It's my list for that reason! So here goes my crazy list of things that me go HMMMMM.

1. Getting head from loud mouth men! For those of you that do not understand that... it's getting a head shot in Call Of Duty! COD is my fave Xbox 360 game! Black Ops to be specific.

2. Getting head! Self explanatory! The hubby is great at it!

3. Makeup! I am so addicted to makeup it isn't funny! Getting new makeup always puts a smile on my face!

4. Getting laid! DUH, who wouldn't get happy from sex. Unless your partner just plain sucks at it! Then it sucks to be you!

5. Playing with my children. They always do crazy silly things that makes mommy smile!

6. Taking photo's. I love taking photo's of my children! My FB is full of photo's.

7. Working out! I know it sounds crazy but the gym is my release. It's where I work the stress out and can relax. I completely clear my mind at the gym and for 2 hours a day I can be totally free.

8. Music! I love music. It can lift me out of a funk and you never know what kind I will play next!

9. My toys! They never say "Not tonight", have ED, or cheat on me! Not that the hubby has.... Just saying I know my toys will NEVER run off with another woman!


10. My wedding ring! Everytime I look at it I feel blessed to have such a wonderful man in our life! I am a spoiled loved woman! That makes me really smile!

So there you have it! The things that can make my bad mood a good one! Have a wonderful Thursday!

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