Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally we get answers!!!!

After dicking us around for about the past month and a half they have finally cut orders!!!! We did have a choice between Fort Meade and Fort Sam Houston. We chose Fort Sam Houston since it is closer to our son! That and it's only like 3 hours from Fort Hood where we wanted to go! So we have orders. I can't say I am thrilled about going there, but it's closer to my son. Everyone has good things to say about it, but I am really nervous. I don't like change. Change scares the ever living piss out of me and throws my life off balance!
While there is plenty of things to do there from what I heard I can't help but worry! I have applied to 4 jobs already and I plan to work. Even if it is McDonalds part time. I am also planning on returning to school. I'll probably go back for nail tech or photography like I wanted. Who knows.
I think the move will be good for us as a family. It's a post neither one of us has been to and there are no memories that include evil people! That is a huge plus. We were told we will have a year stabilization then after that year the Army will decide if we stay there or move somewhere else. I hope they move us quite honestly.
In other news I completed my hair! I finally have it to where I am happy with it. I think! I am thinking there should be more pink, but I don't think that is a good idea since I am planning on working. We shall see. I kinda want to start piercing or tattooing so I might fit in
I am really happy with the black on the bottom and I love the shade of blonde. My pink is sooo freaking bright. I love it! I may even throw in some purple. Just not sure
So this is the moving and life update. Enjoy your day.


Simply Kendra said...

love the pink and your feather earrings! xoxo

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank you!!!!!