Thursday, December 22, 2011

Which way is right?

Is there a correct direction to the perfect path way of life? This week has been a roller coaster. To say the least. I have had 2 conversations  no make that 3 conversations with my x-husband. All have went surprisingly well. Almost to good to be true. Anyway, he's coming down here Sunday throughout Tuesday. We leave the next day for Louisiana, but it is cool. The kids are excited to see their daddy. I am being a supportive mom, but a cautious mom.

On top of that my chest muscle ripped again! Yea, I get to have surgery. After my other surgery! Tomorrow I go get marked up for Abdominalplasty and lypo! I can hardly contain my excitement over this. I am so fucking scared at the same time! I am truly scared. Like every time I think about the surgery my heart just races. This is something I have to get under control before the event.

I had this whole blog laid out in my head, but it's all kinds of fucked up! I have been sitting under the koala tree for about 2 hours. I have forgotten what I want to add to this. So fuck it! Have a wonderful night everyone.

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