Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for a naughty present? Look here!


If you are like me and I know most of you are then I have the perfect place for all your sexy and naughty gift ideas! How many of you readers actually know about edenfantasys? They are an excellent source for those adult gifts. They now carry make up!!!! Which is freaking awesome! The idea of having everything in a one stop shop is freaking awesome!!!!
 I have decided to share with you the joy of lip balm!

What a wonderful array of colors! Click on over and check it out! This would make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list!
For you body lovers there are plenty of lotions, oils, moisturizers, and for those naughty little elves they have edible body treatments! I am telling you there is something for everyone at edenfantasys.

Now to the great part! The Holiday sale is going on right now!!!! You can save up to 70% off select products! Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that? I know I am taking advantage of that!
The thought of a new sex toy for a discounted price makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! OK, so it's probably the day dream I just had about that new toy, but it's a wonderful feeling!

edenfantasys isn't just for the ladies! So you men out there can find your needs as well! My husbands personal fave is the Fleshlight. This thing goes on deployments, field exercises, and gets used when I have a headache. Yes, I get headaches... lol. In the spirit of Christmas since I shared his fave sex toy I figured I would share mine also! It's the Under the Bed Restraint System! I love when I get to be dominated. This set is freaking amazing and pretty much stays on my bed! There are beginner sets to work your way up to the restraint system.

If bondage isn't your cup of tea and you are more reserved they have a huge list of other wonderful toys! I just added the G4 tiger to my wish list! Check it out! It looks amazing and the reviews make me want to order it today!

So now that I have tickled your Fancy's or shall I say fantasy's. Jump on over and check out all they have to offer!

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